5/21/12 PANI Affidavit, Part 5

Patricia Mesen Arroyo claims that in our affidavit of May, 2011 we note that the staff are very courteous and professional, as if this somehow aids her case that we are withholding information within the context of civil law. Ms. Arroyo fails to mention that in that affidavit, we have demurred the matter and offer first opportunity to remedy any tort, trespass or breach of civil contract if they can bring forth such criminal or civil matter. For those law academia who maintain that Costa Rica is under  Spanish Civil Law, then obviously what follows is a charge, then a plea in abatement is offered whereby the action becomes defective pending the plaintiff's verification of his lawful claim over the subject matter in question through proof of registration or title. However, no such pleading was permitted as we shall soon see and at this stage no avenue of jurisdiction, be it civil or criminal, has been established. So the demurrer is the proper method to give them that opportunity as a point of proper process and jurisprudence.

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