5/19/12 PANI Affidavit, Part 4

Patricia Mesen Arroyo claims the Ministry of Health officials visited us on March 11, 2011. That simply did not happen. Further, she makes quotes of a conversation that did not occur and testifies that we said we vaccinate the children in Denmark, and that the neighbors say we have been in Costa Rica for longer that three years. This information is false.

On or about March 11, 2002, our first instance with the ministerial people regarding their ministerial rituals, we told them that we attend to our health matters in Denmark, not that we engaged in any form of vaccnation program. As well, no neighbor could have attested that we lived in Costa Rica for more than three years in March 2002, as we had lived in Puriscal only since September 2000 (19 months) and in Costa Rica for 21 months. Patricia Mesen Arroyo does not specify which neighbor, but obviously that information is subject to subpoena or the neighbor subject to summons. However, no such opportunity was available as the judge refused to hear our testimony and much of my work has NOT BEEN INCLUDED in the expediente (case file.) We shall examine that soon. 

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