5/25/12 PANI Affidavit, Part 6

In part 6, of the affidavit from PANI, Patricia Mesen Arroyo acknowledges that the officials can identify the woman of the children in 'persona propria.' However, after digesting our affidavits and notices, Dr. Cerdas accosts us with an offer that is dressed up as an order. The obvious nature of the jurisdictional failure of the order was the fact that Cerdas needed a signature that would create consent. Thus, our only recourse with such machination is stand at the threshold of law and offer the opportunity to either cure in the event of a criminal complaint against us, which would require habeas corpus, or we ask to review the contract that would bind us in a civil matter (adhesion or otherwise.) Dr. Cerdas' attempt to trick us into giving consent via a signature was with full intent to side step the jurisdictional failure. That signature would stand in place of a cedula number. I do hope the readers of this blog do their own research here. State identification does not identify you; it identifies a comprehensive commercial agreement that you have consented to. Like an insurance policy, this agreement will have a number and title (for easy reference.) The title of this policy will have your given name modified into an appellation, in all capital letters, which is called a nom de guerre, a number for inventory reference and any legal issues surrounding that persona will be adjudicated in an admiralty (civil) court or tribunal. Constitutional restraints have no effect because you have consented to make a covenant with a new rule maker (re-liege.)

With no evidence of an agreement, the public servants are hanging without jurisdictional power. Dr. Cerdas invites us to make an agreement, or suffer the wrath of a civil tribunal under the contracted heavy weight, The United Nations. That is coercion. To continue an action using the illusive appearance of law, as if an agreement with the state exists and has title and registry number is the creation of a legal fiction.  That citation is an abuse of process among other violations and has the element of mens rea considering the mountain of paperwork we entered regarding their jurisdictional failures.

We have not acted above the law as some accuse. We are exercising constitutional restraints against officials who have ideologically morphed beyond their lawful purpose and have entered a zone whereby they believe their system is a deity and beyond the constitution.

The officials' claims of codes or United Nation charters remain a legal fiction, just as any commercial entity stating their internal/contractual codes that mandate reciprocation in order to receive an equitable benefit (entitlement.) This is the reason pensioners in Costa Rica require a cedula number in order to receive their health care benefits. It is a commercial reciprocation and any disputes would be addressed in a civil (contract) court. If The United Nations' power over nations was not contractually similar to that of the state over the individual through the identification of res-ident or citi-zen contracts, it would mean any group of men  could declare themselves king, simply because they have a monopoly on the use of force. This is exactly what the constitution was created to prevent.

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