Over one year has passed since my family escaped the clutches of these rogue bureaucrats. We were once a simple family who, despite our differences, blended into our environment and caused no harm to anyone. We observed the law to the letter, which, of course, created enemies amongst those who desired to break the law for personal satisfaction or gain. The most important aspect of a legal system is how it is constructed and its principle roots which society agrees upon. This is called the 'spirit of the law' and is encapsulated in the preamble of the constitution of Costa Rica. In this way, when there is a confusion amongst men, or governing bodies, we can revisit the spirit of the law to determine which direction we take if there are laws that oppose one another. If society loses its understanding of this, then the most aggressive become monopolists over the law and we broadly know this as totalitarianism. A republic is established not to formulate new dogma or engage in pseudo science. Neither is it established to create mystical schemes to eliminate our responsibilities or transfer those burdens to future generations by loading them with debt. A republic is created to protect the spirit of the law and that spirit protects men or groups of men from harming another man. It is this spirit that provides a template for how laws are administered. 

The purpose of law is simple, Carlos. The law is established in your republic so that one man never fears another man. Of course, unlike the over zealous bureaucrats that terrorized and threatened us, you knew exactly the truth of what I am saying. That is the reason you had to hide from my wife on September 6, 2011. If your heart was pure as a true fiduciary of the law, you would have opened an article 35 court of public record so that we could have something to appeal, or at least some form of process that resembled the desire to seek a remedy. You had decided you were going to serve the corporate government and United Nations instead of the 194 oath that instilled your fiducial power to use the repository of the public's force. Instead, you hid, lied and frustrated the legal process by unleashing your dogs on us. Now, you fear me; but it is not me that you must fear for I have decided to do nothing except open a court of public record using this blog. Your fear is created by your own actions, Carlos. In attempt to cover your criminal acts, you created a charge against my innocent and grieving wife for being responsible for the loss of our daughter as you perversely obliterated your own administrative process to protect yourself from the prosecution you deserve. You actually have the audacity to assume my deceased child as state collateral so that you may claim a damage in a criminal suit where you are the representative plaintiff. That is so sick and cowardly in attempt to preserve your pathetic existence that it is the hallmark reason for law to exist in order to protect innocent from the wicked. Thomas Jefferson was correct when he lamented that the weakest link in a republic is the judiciary. 

With the absolute mutilation of jurisprudence, our family scattered and dead, our final recourse was to receive the help of a foreign embassy, escape Costa Rica by whatever means possible, leaving behind everything. This is what happens when a judge needs to cover his crimes. For an entire year your fate sat in the palm of my hand, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda. I was at arms length from you and could have eliminated you from further harming other people in a blink of an eye. However, it has been suggested that what is better is you to live in the shame of this public record. My remaining children still need a father, even if he is remote. Eliminating you would serve no long term purpose because there are hundreds more just like you. Modern media, public indoctrination centers (public schools) are creating an environment where people actually believe the government is a god and judges can legislate from the bench. As long as that legal illiteracy exists amongst the masses, there is no point in attempting to use any force as a form of remedy, for it is premature. That indicates there is going to be much suffering in the public's future. 

I finally look down at the smashed pieces of our family. I have been told that the pieces are too finely smashed to make any repairs. The spiritual ether that bonded us has evaporated. So we must get back on our feet and limp forward in hopes of finding new paths. 

I would like to thank the people who have helped us through this incredibly trying time. I recognize that the events have left us speechless, other than my work on this blog, so my apologies to my many friends who I have drifted away from. I wish to thank the following people for their special support: 

Bob and Dorothy for keeping us safe in their cabin. Laurie for the hours of counseling and help in arranging my affairs back 'home' (where ever that is). Mom, for her absolute support and devotion to a son who's convictions are barely understandable, but her love is unconditional. Rick and Mr. P for providing a safe haven for me to recover and refortify. The hours of counseling and security has created very strong ties which will never be forgotten. They have also watched me emerge from my private hell into a new man who is stronger and better than the old one. I am feeling alive once again. Thank you guys. I wish to make a special mention for Alison and Miguel. They have both devoted enormous time and energy supporting me. They helped us get out of Costa Rica and kept me grounded throughout my work on establishing this public record. They are the people I would wish to have with me in any war. They did not simply console me, they held my hand and walked me through it. I love you guys. 

The damage and hurt and loss that I bear is slowly fading. It is truly astonishing how durable the soul is when there is confidence that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For many months I stumbled along in the dark on pure faith. The only light was my supporters. Thank you all.