7/20/11 Our Box

So many of us like to imagine that we think outside of the box. We watch independent films, listen to NPR, recycle, eat free range and organic foods, buy the boots that will last ten seasons and tattoo our passions across our backsides (well, maybe yours, not mine!) But, while we are so busy in our bubbly independent brains outside of the box, we pay no attention at all to the fact that our beings are swaddled in a box that few of us can even define. Seriously.

The situation that our friends in Costa Rica are facing right now is all inside the box. The You Tube videos that they shot during the visit from the Ministry of Health are translated now into English. If you take the time to watch the four videos carefully, you may observe that the official is simply attempting to deliver an order to our friends and has asked them to sign as proof of receipt. However, if you watch more carefully, the official is actually requesting that our friends sign the actual order in addition to the document that would prove that our friends received it.

From all of the great films we've watched, each of us can likely recite our rights when placed under arrest. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law..." Now, our friends were not being arrested, but the official came down their driveway just itching for signatures and information to use against them in a court of law. There was no other reason for this official to not leave the order with our friends. This official had two witnesses with him who could have testified that the document was delivered. How many of us independent thinkers would have stood our ground and not signed away our rights in our own driveways just to get our mitts on that document?

Our friends are truly wonderful people whose daily lives epitomize our independent fantasies. Their multilingual kids grow in a loving environment with chickens and goats and horses, music classes and visits with grandma. Now their rural farm bliss is being rototilled by bureaucracy. The peace of their harmonious lives has been jolted by the individuals who can't handle the idea that there are people out there who function without the box.

Someone mentioned that our friends actions are selfish. For those passing judgment on this family who abides by law more than any other people I know, imagine if some official demanded something of you which compromised your moral convictions. What if, to lift the burden on society, the elderly were subject to be euthanized? When we contract with governments, we commit ourselves to the scrutiny of individuals who dictate what is good or bad for society as a whole.

All of us independent, "outside of the box," thinkers will do well to pay attention to what is going on here. You never know when an agency may knock on your door with an offer you don't really want to take.

Last week, our friends submitted a short request with four pungent questions to the ministry of health as well as the organization for the protection of children (PANI). Representatives from the ministry of health have answered our friends with silence. Representatives from PANI, however, have requested that our friends provide them with their name, cedula number, birthday, nationality, income source, address and marital status. The representatives have stated that it is necessary to have this information before they can answer our friends. In response to the request for that information, our friends submitted the following document to PANI on July 18, 2011. Below is that document translated into English.

In answer to the request for information of Mrs Duran of PANI.

I excuse myself for the direct nature of the previous request delivered to PANI secretary by me, Monday, July 11th, 2011. I assumed that Mrs Fernandez, official of the department of health in Puriscal would have shared the information that she demanded that I produce inside a time limit of 48 hours, June 27th, 2011, when you, Mrs. Duran and other associates accompanied Mrs. Fernandez to my Home in Barbacoas.

The department of health answered this request of 4 questions with silence and with no comment. As such, I only can assume that Mrs. Fernandez has not shared with you, the information demanded for me to provide within 48 hours to meet with Mrs. Fernandez' panicked schedule.

I responded with great effort and cost to help Mrs. Fernandez in her lack of organization that put Mrs. Fernandez in such difficult limitations of time. The Ebais #4 had received our answer to their offer of services some 6 weeks prior. Nevertheless, Mrs. Fernandez waited till the last moment to permit us to explain in more detail.

Nevertheless, it seems that you, Mrs. Duran, lack details of my identity, although you had sufficient information to come to my home, to accost me, and to explain to me the power that you have with your business consortium, (PANI), to take physical control of my children. I find that very intriguing. As Mrs. Fernandez seemed to be the official in control of that visit, due to the fact that she has all my previous history involving these vaccination issues, I would have expected that Mrs Fernandez would have shared with you the information (priority and current) that would establish the necessary facts that you request.

If communications with Mrs. Fernandez have lapsed with you as with me, I humbly apologize if you do not remember me or the events of June, 27, 2011, and thus my request for the information requires a civil nexus.

Therefore I offer you, Mrs. Duran, the history and documentation received by Mrs. Fernandez, that obviously was not shared with you.

This documentation is the result of Mrs. Fernandez' demand for information within 48 hours. As well, the original statement offered to the Ebais #4 May 16th, 2011, in regard to the matter of vaccinations.

I trust that you, with counsel will take the time to consider your position in taking physical control of my children above and over my objection.

PANI, under article 55 of the Constitution of Costa Rica is described as a trust or legal business consortium that operates autonomously, signifying, that although it operates with the cooperation of the government of CR, PANI is an autonomous business consortium that operates outside of the control of the government of Costa Rica.

Article 55.- The special protection of the mother and minors will be in charge of an autonomous institution called National Patronage of the Infancy, with the contribution of the other institutions of the State.

PANI is a construct of men, including a board of directors and as such requires nexus through contracts of consent over those whom it governs. PANI requires representatives or physical humans to physically remove children. As such it is the individual man or the individual woman that is responsible if the action lacks habeas corpus, mens rea or a bona fide civil contract. The fact that you cannot answer to my simple request for information, delivered to you Monday, July, 11th, 2011, without a 'persona' involving numbers, implies that PANI operates under civil law and requires consent and contract in spite of its autonomous relation with the government of Costa Rica. PANI is not under the mandate of Costa Ricans or their electoral bodies. PANI is under dictate of the United Nations through a ratification in 1990. The United Nations is another man made legal artifice with which we do not we have a contractual nexus, neither do we authorize the UN to rule over us in the form of a deity. In essence, we do not practice re-legion and we do not place foreign gods over the God of Israel, as that is the practice of idolatry.

Thus I ask these questions;

Are you, Mrs. Duran, a public official?

Are you subservient to the constitution of Costa Rica, or an individual, employed by an autonomous entity (PANI), with sufficient information about me to accost me in my sanctuary implying threats to take my children (property) over and above my objection?

Are you subservient to the laws of the God of Israel?

Please leave me the answers for these questions in your office within 3 days.


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