7/27/11 The Difference Between Our Friends and Others Opposed to Vaccines

"The Other Approach"

In the last request our friends submitted to the organization for the protection of children, PANI, in Costa Rica, they site article #55 of the Constitution of Costa Rica. It reads, "Article 55.- The special protection of the mother and minors will be in charge of an autonomous institution called National Patronage of the Infancy, with the contribution of the other institutions of the State."

Autonomous -self-governing; independent; subject to its own laws only.

PANI is the autonomous institution in charge of the special protection of mother and minors.

PANI has the authority to take people's children away.

PANI has "the contribution of the other institutions of the state,"(ie:health nurses and cops) yet

PANI is not bound to the laws of the state.

This is alarming.

Our friends pointed out in their request which they submitted to PANI that, "PANI is a construct of men, including a board of directors and as such requires nexus through contracts of consent over those whom it governs."

Nexus- a means of connection; tie; link.

The following work is offered by one of our friends to explain this relationship more clearly.

When we contract with government entities for the purpose of receiving the bounty of government handouts such as free health care, free schools, employment insurance , pensions and a plethora of other wonderous free gifts, we enter an area of law called civil law. This is the law of societal contracts and statutes. This mysterious world is adjudicated in courts of equity and as such require that contracts are bonafide and have all the elements of proper contract. We are born with unalienable rights of common law, which has limitations to strict liability , meaning we must pay for our own health care, education and financial well being. These unalienable rights are not given by men , but given by the God of Israel and agreed to by republics that are chained by consitutional restraints in nations that purport to follow the basis of Mosaic Law.

The result is that governments , such as the Costa Rican government as well as the US government has been created by men desiring to rule, but restrained under prior laws for the purpose of well heeled government , and good order within the the context of those prior lawful principles.

As such when government officials seek to enlarge their powers beyond the simple purposes originally espoused, they may need to create special contracts with those that desire the benefits from such 'new deals'.

If the offers made by government officials involve insurance for health care, or 'free' education , or any such schemes to 'limit' liability, we must create an official act of re-lieging. IE we must divorce the king of the common law in order to accept an new king to rule over us because we cannot serve both.

However it has always been our choice and is the corner stone of freedom in any republic. People broadly understand this as freedom of religion. But it also includes the freedom NOT to re-liege or make a new king to rule over you. To engage in limited liability we must make a contract with those making the offer. Since this is an operation outside of the ordained priniciples of the purpose of the government we must prove that we are in agreement to leave our common law behind on the land and venture out to sea in the law of contracts. The contract we establish with government is typically encapsulated in a card called a cedula or SS number. This card and number establishes that a comprehensive insurance contract exists somewhere in the government archives and you agreed to it. As you are not forced into an association by Law, (such as article 25 of the Costa Rican constitution) it must be agreed to voluntarily. This is where the concept " by the consent of the governed" originates.

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