7/13/11 Request Submitted to Health Department in Costa Rica

On June 30, 2011 our friends were visited by Dr. Cerdas of the health department in Puriscal, Costa Rica and two witnesses, including one police officer. Dr. Cerdas brought with him documents which he expected our friends to sign. One of the documents was an order that made reference to our friends position regarding the vaccination of their children. The body of this document contained some statements that were untrue. The second document was one that would act as proof of delivery and receipt.
Considerate of the time and attention put into these documents, our friends wanted to receive the documents so that they could review them, with counsel, and reply. However, Dr. Cerdas would not release the documents to our friends without their signature on both the order and the proof of delivery. Our friends clearly understood that signing both documents would affirm the statements in them and essentially strip our friends of their lawful position on the matter. Our friends attempted to compromise by signing the order document with a note on it of certain conditional acceptances. However, Dr. Cerdas would not permit this. Dr. Cerdas and his witnesses left with the documents neither signed nor delivered. Dr. Cerdas refused to leave a copy of the order for our friends to review.

Representatives from the department of health (Ministerio de Salud) and the agency for the protection of children (PANI) have each made clear that unnamed persons from these agencies have issues with our friends, yet have not exchanged in a lawful dialogue regarding the matter at hand. In response to this silence, our friends have presented another, more straight forward document to both the Ministerio de Salud and PANI in Puriscal, Costa Rica.

Delivered on July 11,2011- Translated to English

Attention Dr Cerdas, Sra Fernandez, Sra. Duran:
I understand that the constructive notice I entered , may have been lengthy and confusing. Therefore , I offer once again the opportunity to clarify the vaccination issue, so that I may offer you a remedy and cure of this grievance and that you may resume your normal operation. In order to offer that remedy and cure, I require certain facts to be known as a point of law.
I beg of you to answer the following basic questions that will go far in us reaching an accordance.
1) Are you public servants?
2) Are you subservient to the constitution of Costa Rica?
3) What is the cost of the vaccinations?
4) Is the government of Costa Rica subservient to the God of Israel?
The answers to these questions should be respectfully available to me at your office within a reasonable time of three working days, when I will have them picked up.
If Doctor Cerdas, Sra Fernandez, or Sra Duran require more time to answer, an extension may be granted upon your request.
In the spirit of truth and pura vida,

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