2/8/2012 When Terrorism Leads to Genocide

Before we get into the nuts and bolts about the complaints made by the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health) and PANI (child protection agency,) which is an arm of the United Nations entity operating AUTONOMOUSLY inside Costa Rica, lets look at one of the initial principles and reasons for the creation of the United Nations. This institution was formed as a society and members contracted with it via treaty. How fascinating. This is how the UN has become the influence in your country. The UN becomes an advisory body by contract and the state carries out their dictate by virtue of domestic citizenship and residency (amongst other) contracts. But before we look at the legal jurisdiction of this legal artifice (UN), lets look at the essential text that formed it.

The Preamble is written in part by Jan Smuts, supporter of Theodor Herzl and his world government principles to eliminate national sovereignty in favor of a single force for the purpose of peace. Without belaboring the geopolitical implications of this, lets just look at the nature of Jan Smuts forked tongue, because on the surface, his work is presented in a manner that any logical mind would agree with, however under the microscope we see the seeds of something we are not suppose to be cognizant of. When establishing the spirit of any law, it is done by reading the preamble. So, I recommend that reading. Notice the emphasis on tolerance.

Of course, Jan Smuts, a master of propaganda during the Boer war, was speaking in tongues when be drafted the UN charter.

However, for the purpose of taking things at face value, let us look at the prime directive of PANI's creator, the United Nations. Specifically, lets have a good look at The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. For the purpose of understanding what the court in Puriscal has done to my family, pay close attention to article 2; a, b, c, and e.

What has this got to do with the destruction of my family and our life? Well, pay real close attention because if you understand what happened in pre-war Germany, you will understand that the people persecuted were people who were not allowed to practice their religious persuation; be it Judaism, Jehovah's Witnesses and a plethora of others. The only real religion that was permitted was statism. In statism, one is compelled to follow the leadership of the various ministries therein, (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, etc..) The state would determine what was acceptable in regards to religious practice. When one realizes the truth, you realize government IS a form of religion by definition and etymological design of the word re-liege.

At this time the favorite flavor of idol worship is called democracy. Just as in historical societal practices of past times, the people saw their re-lieging as normal and they worshipped it as the best and most ideologically advanced theories of societal organization. Hitler was democratically elected...twice. Hitler was Time Magazine's 'Man of the Year', 1936. Why do I broach this subject? Because it is difficult for society to see the outrageousness of traditions or theories which is held as a sacred cows. It would be beneficial if we knew who was behind the thrust toward democracy. Remember, Costa Rica is a Republic, not a Democracy. A republic is where the government is chained down by preordained law. A democracy is where the majority determine the fate of the minority. Ask the Jews of Germany how their democratic model worked for them.

So what is our crime? Our crime is that we are Israelites and the Judeao Christian model laid down in the Constitution of Costa Rica is quite unacceptable to the various ministries including PANI, a sect of the United Nations. That being said, lets go back and re-examine a rather fantastic declaration. Although the entire thing must be read, pay close attention to the sub clauses of article 2. Also take note of the use of the UCC function word "contracting parties."

The concept of contracting parties will be addressed in future blog entries. We have not looked at the words and actions of the court in Puriscal, yet. Brick by brick my friends.

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