2/4/2012 So, What's With the Looking Glass?

Why do we examine these issues? Why is the flag and constitution important? Why is it so important to examine every word with a fine tooth comb? The answer will soon become clear to all of you, as it became clear to us. Fascism is a disease of the mind. It is an infection that is so insidious because it resides in our language. Just like a virus in your computer, it is buried in code and affects the computer's ability to function logically. We are all products of programming. Our programming is predicated upon the language imparted on to us. Our language, use of and what we believe it to actually mean is where the viral infection takes on its nefarious purpose. Be it well known that this infection is well used by the adepts and word smiths of society for the purpose of enslaving people's minds.

When I am finished peeling this onion of truth, you will be in tears. We have been terrorized by definition, and now it is time to scrutinize the language and spirit of those who have obliterated my family. This is not for the faint of heart, for the recognition of previously invisible chains may make you dizzy and nauseous.

Stay tuned, the coming work is voluminous. I will do my best to offer it up in bite size pieces that it may be examined inch by inch to identify this virus and eliminate it and recognize who cast the spell so that we may not be victimized any further by the adepts.

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