2/13/2012 What's Wrong With These Vaccines Anyway?

Mandatory Entitlements

We can see clearly that my family's issues have drifted far from vaccines and directly into 'who owns the children.' I own the children, as possession is 9/10 of the law. The last tenth would encompass some sort of lien or encumbrance such as a contract or registry in trust. A trust requires a grantor (parents,) trustee (government or government subcontractor such as PANI,) and a beneficiary (in this case the child.) We asked the state authorities (public servants) repeatedly for evidence of such a contract, registration, trust, lien or other encumbrance that would affect our 100% ownership of our children. My wife and I constructed those children by mutual consent with the product of our DNA. Who makes a claim against that? That registration would create the 1/10 encumbrance. If public servants steal our children without the registration present, it is simply theft. We are the only people in this country that I know of who can actually make this constitutional claim because we did not sign those rights away. We have seen others who were forced to vaccinate their children simply because they had reduced their status to that of a baby sitter through registration. The state legally owns their children.

We do not follow the religious ministerial practices of blood alchemy endorsed by the ministries that these public servants worship. Therefore, regardless of the fact that we do not register to follow those bizarre religious practices, public servants including the judge believe they must confiscate our children. This is why the genocidal overtones are so prevelant. We are a cultural group all to ourselves. Do you know of anyone else in Costa Rica who practices even the first commandment? Jesus himself lamented in astonishment when he asked why the people called him Lord, but did not do what he told them. I agree with Jesus on that point and have wondered the same thing. Whether the public servant class wishes to obey Christ or not is their prerogative as given in article 75. However, public servants believing that their religion is so superior to all others, including the doctrine that governs the government, is a dangerous form of religious zealotry. It is a form of artificial intelligence, because the system (a non self referencing entity or legal artifice) begins to reprogram itself in order to become the head instead of the tail.

History is rife with such insane practices, masquerading as law, that put many people fleeing. The important thing to realize, is that the people who followed such demented practices were BELIEVERS. Mentally infected like those at a religious tele evangelism rally, these people can be made to believe ludicris things and act in irrational manners. Remember, believing in something, such as blood contamination rituals, is one thing; but to believe in it with such a fervor that the law must be broken is an indication of broken logic. The language infection has altered the programming of the public servant. The public servant is malfunctioning and acting against the prime directive. We shall soon divulge the actual writing of the court and lack of jurisprudence. Now it is critical to understand that this is why article 75 exists. Articles 75 and 25 of the Costa Rican Constitution are there in order to prevent such intellectually retarded religious crusades from infecting and adversely affecting the nation itself.

However, what about those vaccines anyway? Lets set aside the jurisdictional components that are clearly missing here and just evaluate the invasive chemicals that these religious zealots representing their ministries wish to force upon us.

What is wrong with this stuff?

Whether you are a Jew, an Isrealite, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, Adventist, Krishna, Born Again Christian or a plain old Atheist, you would likely not want these dangerous chemicals and human/animal by-products injected into YOU.

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