1/30/2012 Take Note of the Use of Words

ARTICLE 55. The special protection of mothers and minors shall be entrusted to an autonomous institution named Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (National Infancy Foundation), with the collaboration of other State institutions.

Take note of the use of the words shall and special. Who shall (can) get special (over and above the ordinary) protection?
Those who are entitled in article 51. Who are entitled? Those that meet the requirements. Who meets the requirements? Those that register. Who registers? Those that give their consent to get the entitlements and special protection.

Further to this link we can see the structure of authority. Costa Rica has given 100% of this 'special' protection to a self regulated commercial trust agency under the laws of the UNITED NATIONS. As such, the UN dictates over the matters involving 'registered' children. They cannot take control over those 'unregistered' or stateless children because to do so would force association with a civil entity, organization, group, club or other series of people who have decided to take such controls by force. This is the reason people must be registered. To be registered makes you special and entitled. To be forced to associate with any religious group of ministries such as the ministry of health etc. would be forced religion.

Remember, the Law here in CR is Spanish civil law, but its moral base is the Judeao Christioan principles written in the Bible and subscribed to in the constitution. Remember, any law not in accordance with the God of Israel requires consent, typically through a registry and numbering process. As tawdry and insipid as this is, these are not my beliefs, they are those of who authored those documents. I am simply observing them.

More on the United Nations and their mysterious autonomous control next time.

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