2/27/12 Let's See What These Public Servants Have to Say

Now it is time to examine the words and writings of the 'public servants' and measure them against that which they are subservient to.

We are going to start with the innocuous and move step by step to the nefarious.

On June 27, 2011 Master Norma Fernandez, Annia Lorena Duran (PANI), accosted me at my home demanding information including vaccine records, which of course we did not have as we had explained by affidavit presented to the local health office one month earlier. Master Norma Fernandez boldly explained to us that the flag stands for 'health.'

Well, she is quite wrong about that. We can assume that she is using some sophistry that she tells ignorant people or perhaps she does not know that the flag is not this symbol:

The pole with a serpent on it has many variations and differing meanings which can be seen here:

Now whether Master Norma Fernandez believes in astrology or Greek Gods, she shall not place this symbol above that of the flag representing the republic and the constitution that she must serve as a public servant. Even if she believes it is a biblical symbol, she would have to recognize that the symbol was abolished, as it had become a form of idol worship.

Whether she is attempting to invent law with intent to abuse a process or simply ignorant of the truth is irrelevant. Master Norma Fernandez FAILS to prove her jurisdiction over my children.

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