2/29/2012 Annia Lorena Duran's Threats and Coersion

Master Norma Fernandez expressed her ideas about the flag, which has quite sacred ideals and in fact are in the antithesis of Master Fernandez' apparent desire to control through lying. Master Fernandez' spirit does not reflect the spirit of the flag, so we can see her only as a foreign agent. Her sophism was mildly amusing as were her other mannerisms.

However, what drifted out with the cold candor of a true fascist, were the words from Annia Lorena Duran. Ms. Duran calmly stated that she could physically take our children away from us.

Now that was a serious threat and she had no 10th of any law whereby she could take possession of our children.

You see, these public servants did not come down in regards to one of their registered children who were slated for entitlements as the state deemed necessary.
Article 13.3

They had no jurisdiction and we already had told them the scriptural reasonings of these things regarding why were unable to accept their offer to vaccinate in writing.

So they were not threatening under contract (as they would with any of our numbered/registered neighbors.) They came down and threatened us in the flesh as any common criminal. We never gave our children to the state and never asked the state to be responsible for them. The children were given to us by the God of Israel and we accepted. The state has NO CLAIM. As incredulous as this is, it is the Law and the reason for article 25 to even exist. Most people do not and can not exercise the constitutional law. We do believe these threats to be real and not imagined. A threat on a man in one thing, but a threat on his children is quite another.

The flag speech and threats on our children were video taped, but unfortunately was confiscated by the police when they raided our home on September 6, 2011. I do not expect to get that back, however, we do have witnesses who, in this case, are still alive and quite safe from the child protection racketeers.

This is the reason why, from the beginning, we have asked these people questions about their relationship with the constitution. Are they, or are they not subservient to that document? People, including foreign tourists and pensioners, should have some knowledge of Costa Rica's abandonment of the constitution. It either is in place, or it is not.

OR...the public servants have wandered beyond their pay grade and have decided to arbitrarily break their own oaths. All we ever asked for was the truth. All they ever told us was they did not have to answer to our notices and affidavits.

Hmmmm...are they public servants under articles 11 and 27, or are they foreign agents representing foreign arrangements such as the United Nations? Either way, Annia Lorena Duran FAILED to prove jurisdiction over my children.

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