1/20/12 Consider This

I admit; I have never actually sat down and thoughtfully read any constitution before now. In the past, I have felt satisfied simply knowing they exist. But lately, I have been sitting with the Constitution of Costa Rica and realizing how straight forward it actually is. I have also learned that each word of the Constitution of Costa Rica was chosen with great care. Considering that, it is interesting to examine the words that tie bigger concepts together. Now on to James and a look at rights vs. entitlements...

ARTICLE 51: The family, as a natural element and foundation of society, is entitled to State protection. Mothers, children, the elderly and the destitute infirm are also entitled to such protection.

Conversely when an entitlement is NOT requested, that the family is protected FROM the state. Rights come from nature/entitlements come from government. Rights are inalienable, whereas entitlements are applied for. Rights do not degrade others' rights, whereas entitlements allow for economic redistribution schemes. No individual has a right to force others to pay for their health care. That is an entitlement and you are entitled to apply for such benefits.

An entitlement must be applied (meet requirements) amongst others who have registered for similar benefits and that the other entitles have agreed to support your claims and demands as an entitlement. If those who have not consented are forced by the collective to pay or support those who have claimed an entitlement, then that is equal to slavery (involuntary servitude) which no person has the right to enslave another.

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