7/3/12 What Is She Talking About?

Aside from her outlandish flag speech, Master Norma Fernandez claims that their visit back on March 13, 2001 somehow registered us which ratifies their visit on May 15. Not only are both of these dates incorrect, but exactly what has been registered or ratified is nebulous, omitted or fabricated. The body of her speech indicates that her level of legal understanding is hopelessly inadequate to absorb our constructive notice. Never the less, she still cannot understand that when someone creates a notice of jurisdictional estoppel, disobeying legislation becomes subject to the jurisdiction being proven. It may be a wild new concept for Master Norma to learn that the government is itself under law called a constitution. Aside from the flag not standing for health, I would estimate the real state of affairs that she is actually a 'servant' would come as quite a surprise based upon her insolent, superior attitude when we were filming her as she believed it was her right NOT to be video taped while performing her civil interrogation. She is quite unschooled as to what rights are. I have a right to grow a garden, but I do not have to. My children have a right to grow a garden as well, on my land, because they have no right on any other land. That means I bestow the rights of my child lest I register them with another regis or regime or liege. It is our right to eat at McDonalds too. However, if we choose not to eat the nutritious food at McDonalds, could they hold a gun to our heads and say we must, EVEN if they had powerful lobbyists that were able to encourage the passing of legislation mandating it? If Master Norma cannot understand this, she is quite incompetent and very dangerous. You know, Hitler was never the one to fear, it was the hundreds of thousands of paper pushing zealots that fueled the terror of national socialism.

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