6/30/12 Forensic Examinations of Dr. Cerdas' Words Reveals Mens Rea

Dr. Cerdas claims our children as 'his' children when he did not conceive, deliver, raise or even know the existence of OUR children. That is quite a statement of presumption because the ONLY way he can claim my children as his must be through some form of transfer from us to him and his child protection racketeers at PANI. On his notice to PANI director, Patricia Mesen Arroyo, he refers to my children as his children by using the collective word, "our." Furthermore, he continues with his UN speech as he speaks of the future of the country as if my children have some quasi contractual obligation in the form of conscription. These government servants are malfunctioning. The public workers believes in this language with a fervor so extreme that cognitive dissonance is the only way to deal with the breach of their prime directive. They believe the law must be broken for the good of all. In their brainwashed religion, they assume all children to be theirs. What is even more frightening is many people actually agree with this Clintonian dementia; "It takes a community to raise a child." No, Hillary, what children need to be conceived, raised and brought up as responsible adults is independent parents, not state Humanism. Humanist statism is the latest flavor of religious idolatry established in the past few decades of United Nation utopian ideals. We'll look at that and who is behind that later.

Dr. Juan Miguel Cerdas Chacon actually admits that he is in FULL knowledge of the fact that our children are unregistered. Dr. Cerdas knows the jurisdictional failure, but proceeds anyway, so when the cards fall, he cannot plead ignorance. His smooth talk and deceptive loading techniques were a cover for a seriously deranged and dangerous religious zealot. He knew that to assimilate our children into his religious body, the United Nations, we were required to willingly allow our children to be 'baptized' via registration.  This ceremonial legal shift in status is the willing consent and consideration in a contract which identifies the new persona.

There will be books written about this and the people in the future will wonder why everyone sat still and watched. The people in Nazi Germany were similarly paralyzed as they were hypnotized by the words coming out of their religious body. Incredibly, very intelligent individuals, like Dr. Cerdas, can get swept up  in to the narcotic and become a believer, particularly when there are rewards for exemplary service to reinforce the behavior of the servant, that other lower level inductees emulate similar behavior. This is something that cannot be reasoned with. These people are suffering from a serious psychosis. Unfortunately for us, at this time, we were unaware for the most part of the civil conspiracy and incredible disdain for their prime directive and those prime directives of the United Nations. We simply believed they were ignorant and their attention to the constitution would bring them in to accordance with their prime directive. However, their refusal to open dialogue and answer any questions should have come as an early warning. However, as Isrealites, we are commanded to walk a mile in the offended party's shoes and make amends by the way, which is what we were attempting to do when we answered to their requests with points of law.

As no case file or internal communiques, or any dialogue was permitted, we were completely unaware of the dangers that were in our future. We believe Costa Rica has a constitution and that it was in force and effect. They cannot even understand articles 51, 55 and 25 which Arroyo cites in her application for a search warrant. These people cannot realize this because it creates a car accident in their heads. It does not compute, therefore the prime directive must be ignored. Their zombie like continuance of assimilating my children into their world religion must be completed, constitution be damned.

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