7/8/12 Search Warrant Application

On July 22, 2011 a search warrant is applied for by PANI attorney, Patricia Mesen Arroyo. The search warrant application requests the search and seizure of health records, documents and identification. Of course it has been well noted that no such documents exist and there is no law that says they must. Hence our continued questions about the relationship these authorities have with the constitution which protects these very abuses from happening. It may be true that numbered citizens and residents cannot apply these constitutional restraints, but we can, as we have not waived them. That is why it is SO critical that Patricia Mesen Arroyo gets these documents as these documents establish that a contract exists and would prove we are in default of that contract of trust agreement. However, it is also a fact that we cannot be forced into a contract or trust and that we must be willing to register our children in order to shift their legal status that they be beneficiaries under that trust.

We shall now examine, in great detail, search warrants, their protocols and exceptions. What we shall uncover in the following posts is quite a shocking revelation and it is all found in THEIR documents which they refused to let us examine.

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