6/27/12 First Things First

As we were not provided with any information regarding our requests and constitutional queries, we were not aware of any of this internal paper work sneaking around behind our backs. Remember, when we asked, we were arrogantly told they did not have to respond to our questions. All they wanted was the information to prosecute or process. This politically motivated, grotesque breach of law was first found on Friday, May 13, 2011. My wife and daughter were met by the health Nurse, Christina Vargas Rubi. Already 200 meters from home and heading up to Barbacoas, my wife was stopped by the health Nurse, Christina Vargas Rubi who explained that they were coming down for a visit. Being that we have dealt with these issues on several occasions before, my wife simply told them that we did not need any of their services. Rubi explained that this was a right of the child and a duty of the parents. She said she would need us to sign their paper saying that we refused the vaccines and my wife said she would not sign anything, but would go to the health office on Monday and speak with the supervisor and sort it all out then. Christina Vargas Rubi agreed with this and my wife and I returned on Monday to listen to them. We simply told them that we understood everything they said and we would draft an official document for them. That document was my affidavit dated May 16, 2011.

In that affidavit, I was very attentive to protect Christna Vargas Rubi and Rolando Aguilar Diaz from any reprisals in this event and complimented their efforts because we believed they were workers just doing their jobs and quite innocent. Little did we know that Christina Vargas Rubi had returned to the office Friday, May 13, 2011, after agreeing with my wife to address the issue on Monday, and THAT afternoon entered a document with her supervisory body in Puriscal Center, the CCSS, saying that we had refused vaccines in spite of the fact that she had agreed with my wife to meet in the health office after the weekend, rather than on the road when my wife and daughter were in transit. During that entire meeting on Monday, May 16, 2011 we were not aware that a process had already begun against us on Friday 13.

Our only witness to this street side conversation is dead. However, the most damning thing national socialists ever did to themselves was keep immaculate records. Understandably, they did not want us seeing any of their inside communiques, as they repeatedly refused to talk to us. Well, Christina Vargas Rubi, the paper work that we were refused is now available to the world. Poor Rolando Aguilar Diaz signed, although he was not present to witness the roadside encounter. Christina and Rolando, your signatures make you culpable of initiating an action without due process. That's abuse of process carrying malfeasance. 

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