6/22/12 Notify Yourself

 In her final digression, Patricia Mesen Arroyo says, "NOTIFIQUESE," twice. Notifiquese means: 1) In the vernacular, 'make yourself known.' 2) In the literal translation: 'notify yourself.' 3) In legalese it means, 'Be it well known' as in a judicial decree or legislative Gazetting of a new decree.

In either claim, she is incorrect. 1) She knows who we are and knows we domicile ourselves, therefore can present us with their documents. 2) She is intending to make us aware of this notice of warning that we should ask for information. 3) That is a legal decree in the sense that it has been decided based upon her status to make that decree.

That decree falls flat in many areas, but first lets understand that the entirety of their legal basis falls into one area called civil law. The law of contracts. Unless the constitution has been manipulated, Arroyo's decrees lack Gazetting and, of course, she has the power of decree as much as an attorney for K-Mart.

If she is determining that we must be FORCED to accept a contract marked by title and number (cedula,) then that is an entirely seperate issue that again flies in the face of the constitution. We will observe more non sequitur decrees from the judge at a later date, but we'll get to him later.

Patricia Mesen Arroyo is correct when whe says she cannot engage with us lest we show our state identified civil nexus. In this way, she is exercising her protection within the precepts of civil process. Unfortunately for Ms. Arroyo, she has failed to understand that this same protection applies to unregistered people. The first premise of a civil process is that two entities AGREE to contract. Agreement infers willingness (Art. 13.3.) Without will to contract, the civil process is moot. The entire principle of governments set up as civil institutions is that the civil process is a contractual arrangement. This establishes a legal prophylactic ensuring one party cannot force their decrees upon another party out of sheer force. In other words, before Arroyo activates a civil action through the courts to apply physical force, she must furnish the agreement we are in violation of. Giving our children to the United Nations through the registration with the civil government of Costa Rica has been addressed by us through various negative averments.

Arroyo's superior entity, The United Nations, uses the same civil law format as any other civil government. If it were not that way, it would be a dictatorial, totalitarian regime, which of course most people are quite convinced it is not. We should remind ourselves once again, that Costa Rica is a Republic under law, not a democracy. The civil government may be elected by popular vote, but the nation's Law remains restrained by a republican format; i.e.: the government is under law that protects human life from government. That preordained Law is referred to in the Preamble of the constitution and supported by article 75, law 5703 for those who wish to see the detail of the ammendments.

Coincidently, public servants proselytizing people with coersion and force to assimilate them into a doctrine not concordant with article 75 must be considered contrary to law. This goes to show the illogic of legal illiterates so warped by their utopian ideals.

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