6/17/2012 Missing Signatures

Re-enter Dr. Cerdas. Patricia Mesen Arroyo was determined to affirm that we refused their 'orden sanataria' (vaccination order.) However, as seen on You Tube, Dr. Cerdas in fact conspired with the driver to agree to commit perjury by stating falsely that we refused to receive the document. This is done with full intent and even the poor cop has to be implicated, because at first he believed it was wrong as he witnessed that Dr. Cerdas refused to give us the order. The reason why we could conditionally accept the offer is so we could have the chance to examine it with counsel before agreeing to it. Dr. Cerdas blurts out that it matters not because we can either accept it, and make our appeal (which will fall on deaf ears as per article 144 which Arroyo states,) or he will simply write we refused, under the assumption that we have personas (cedulas) or titled, numbered contracts with the state, allowing a civil process under a tribunal to proceed. Very clever, but illegal, unlawful and an abuse of process, Mr. Cerdas. And I say Mister Cerdas because any doctor has the preordained agreement not to harm people. Mr. Cerdas' perjury is on film and his only retort was, "I did not alter your document, you cannot alter mine." This is sand box politics. We did not change the subject matter, nor intent of his message. He told us that he was sent to deliver that message. However, his hidden job was to trick us into accepting the subject matter of the contract. That's why he needed us to sign both the receipt and the contract. We immediately saw errors of fact on the face of the document. Mr. Cerdas attempted to gloss this over by using dialogue such as "don't worry," "no problem," and "you can appeal." This entire stage play was done to trap us into making a legal agreement, which at this point, did not exist.

You see friends, government servants cannot do whatever they want as most people assume. The people are the sovereign, not the servants. 

Returning back to the 'orden sanitario,' Mr. Cerdas was not at our house to deliver a document. He was there to load an agreement. That is a cardinal example of abuse of process for the purpose of unjust appropriation of jurisdiction. We conditionally accepted the receipt of the document. However, we could only agree with the obligations and subject matter of the order after first examining the order with counsel. This is well documented in our 'conditional acceptance.' 

HOWEVER, Mr. Cerdas aims to deceive for the purpose of abuse of process by OMITTING our conditional acceptance, in part, from the case file. This official record only contains the first part of our conditional acceptance, BUT OMITS the final statements as well as Cerdas' signature. Fortunately, disposing of that is of no benefit to him because we have the original. We wrote the document in the 15 minute hiatus when they waited at the top of the our driveway.

That was a short sighted play, Mr. Cerdas, because although the court, and officials involved, did everything to prevent us from getting a copy of the case file (expediente,) we were eventually able to get it through other leaks in their system. To omit official SIGNED documents, Mr. Cerdas, which illustrate your perjury of a document used to establish civil jurisdiction could be used as a law exam example of abuse of process. The You Tube video exemplifies the mens rea and pure intent to abuse process for the purpose of damaging my family, the law and our rights. Mr. Juan Miguel Cerdas Chacon acts as if our constructive notices of constitutional process requisites mean nothing to them. I would encourage them to hire a good lawyer.

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