5/5/12 Abandoned and Neglected Children

On July 21, 2011, Patricia Mesen Arroyo made a series of statements to the court in Puriscal, Costa Rica which we will examine to reveal  an abuse of process from top to bottom. The officials were perfectly aware that the jurisdiction over my children was in want. To proceed without proving that jurisdiction or even addressing any of our work we submitted was a cowardly act using bully tactics of ganging together to create a hostile team of process abusers. In this affidavit, Sra. Mesen Arroyo states the URGENT need for court action due to the alarming claims made by various health ministerial workers and PANI officials. Those include the claims by Dr. Cerdas that our children have been ABANDONED AND NEGLECTED. For those who believe I am using this media to degrade, insult or villify these public servants, these are their words, not mine. I am simply reporting the facts. What they did to us in blind faith to their dogmatic, humanist, religious body (the United Nations) is simply now becoming a public record. In 1937, the Germans LOVED their system, and those who were not so enthusiastic were afraid to say it. It was all normal and nobody could see that their system was just another form of idol worship.

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