4/27/12 Farewell to Pura Vida

It is time to reflect on everything we lost in Costa Rica. We had a beautiful lifestyle and we were able to raise our children in a very secure, educational and healthy environment. Our friends, horses, homeschool, family business and home have become a surreal memory in our terrorized, marginalized, current existence of hiding and in exile. When a judiciary fails to follow the rules and becomes the master, rather than the servant under the sovereign, this is the damage that occurs.

Before we examine the claims in the case file made by PANI, the Ministry of Health and the judge, I want to take a couple of minutes to remember my family so we can understand the wheels of bureaucracy that so desperately targeted my family to be annihilated for the good of the herd. We should reflect on the fact that life without government nannies IS possible. Responsibility also holds the candle of leadership.

Our children are raised to be creative problem solvers, not just more social masses looking for a McJob with the local departments of unchecked authority. Our constitutionally lawful existence is totally unacceptable according to the local public servants. I will return to the case file and its astounding contents. I now understand why they never wanted to give it to us.

For now, let us not forget who this is all about. The following is a slideshow with photos sent to us by friends and family as most of ours now sit in our computer in an evidence room in Puriscal. We shall talk about the legality of that later. For now, I wish to thank those who have supported us during our battle for survival.

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