5/10/2012 Abuse of Process

Abuse of Process is a particularly evil crime. It involves deception for the purpose of using the machinery of law to damage innocent people. Such actions have full and complete mens rea when indeed no retorts are made in response to my affidavits and notices submitted in order to create jurisdictional estoppels.

If indeed the process will continue, as Dr. Cerdas said it would, in light of my explanations of why my children are not vaccinated, then this is a perfect example of abuse of process with intent to damage people. This is a special crime because the action of those seeking to ignore claims for the purpose of maintaining their unconstitutional mandate, not only is a tort, but is in pure vile contempt of the law itself. The law, and taking an oath to uphold it, has a higher level of accountability than the collateral damage that ensues. They speak in their affidavit as if we are ignoring them, when in fact they have ignored our  recognition of their jurisdictional failures. This blatant ignorance is not negligence, it is abuse of process when backed by the agreement of all of the officials involved and is teeming with contempt for the constitution itself.

Abuse of process is located in the ninth commandment. The ninth commandment forbids misinterpreting the truth in our relations with others. Offenses against the truth expressed by word or deed is a refusal to commit oneself to the just outcome of a legal proceeding. Bearing false witness is special, because it is a fundamental crime against justice and, in this sense, undermines the foundations of the purpose of law and justice.

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