5/17/12 PANI Affidavit, Part 3

In part three of Dr. Patricia Mesen Arroyo's affidavit. Dr. Ana Gabriela Mora of clinic #4 in Barbacoas, Puriscal, Costa Rica testifies that we refuse their medical rituals (vaccines) and do not permit them access to our home. That statement is an abuse of process, because we never refused anything and in fact it was us who allowed them to engage in their sales pitch at our home on past occasions. However, on the occasion of May 13, 2011 we met the vaccine technician, Christina Rubi, on the road when we were busy going somewhere. We simply told her we could come to her office in the next couple of days, which we did.

On May 16, 2011 we spoke with Rolando Aguilar Diaz and Christina Rubi and they explained all of the wonderful benefits of the free vaccines. They went on to explain, with great hubris, about their new program. The new program promoted the clinic personnel to come into our home to show us important health skills like how to wash our hands and clean the house and cook and such. We attempted to listen to this without showing our incredulity that such an offensive and intrusive program could possibly be pitched to us. More incredulous was the fact that Ms. Rubi has known us for ten years. The utterly ironic idea that we need their help, whilst stray dogs urinate on trash laying outside their building, was obtuse and offensive. Rolando Aguilar Diaz was candid about this new program, adding that it was not mandatory but recommended. We thanked them for their offer, and said that we would think about it and get back to them if we required such a service. Regarding the matters of vaccines, we simply told them we would draft a statement for them within a couple of days.

Dr. Ana Gabriela Mora, also present, was not enthusiastic, but sat in chilling silence with a look of contempt toward us. That was obviously a sign of things to come. Dr. Ana Gabriela Mora Rojas' statement that we refused vaccines is false. Her statement that we did not permit them access to our home implies a violation of some kind. We demurrer the matter of vaccines and tell them we would get back to them if we wished to receive their other optional programs. Her testimony regarding permission to our home was specious and off point and a blatant attempt to create an appearance as if we were in violation of something other than the vaccine issue. Of course, they never amended their position to check my demurrer. The ball, Dr. Ana Gabriela is, still to this day, in your court. If you cannot return the ball, that does not mean you can break the rules...of course that depends on the referee as well as your team mates to manipulate the collective use of force. Might makes right?

Why, Dr. Ana Gabriela Mora, could you not respond, in any way, to our testimony? Surely you are here as a doctor to uphold the highest sense of humanity. If you were a representative of the wellness of mankind, you surely would have responded to our affidavit rather than make false testimonies in order to initiate a process of harm and destruction. That is an Abuse of Process.

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