5/13/12 PANI Affidavit, Part 1

PANI attorney, Patricia Mesen Arroyo made many abuses of process in her affidavit to the judge, Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda in Puriscal, Costa Rica. She makes many points that are simply incorrect or she excludes other facts in order to skew the scenario which modifies how it is viewed.

In part 1 of her affidavit, Ms. Arroyo states that we do not provide the necessary information regarding our children including vaccination records, but EXCLUDES in her affidavit the fact that we are telling them that we do not vaccinate our children and further more, why we are prohibited from receiving free vaccines. The ministry of health director has concluded that since we are prohibited by law from 'free' ministerial services, these childrens' health matters have been abandoned and neglected. Patricia Mesen Arroyo attempts to make it appear as if we have these documents but refuse to furnish them, thus being in violation of state codes regarding state entrusted property under the strong arm of PANI and the United Nations. The assumption is that not being registered is somehow unlawful, a tort or trespass is an error. Instead, Mesen Arroyo implies that we ARE registered and REFUSE to give them documents which indeed they should have in their own records.

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