12/7/12 Breaking the Law Requires Precision

Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda's ambitions of separating, registering, vaccinating and schooling my children were dashed. The vaccine and registration documents were not found. This should have come as no surprise, since we had been very clear in our laborious efforts to remain in good standing with the courts.  What is surprising is the lack of interest in producing the documents they sought from their own public registries. Had they existed, that should have proven easy enough.  It is their registry, not ours.

To cover this obvious ultra vires and psychopsomatic action, some other evidence must be taken to establish some political credibility damage which would disguise the fact of this complete lawless breach of trust engaged in by the highest fiducial agent: a judge. When they found the door of the house, golly gosh open, they found a computer with an open Skype with friends who were online, watching and listening to the invasion. Our friends called the house by phone and announced that the invaders were being audio and video recorded. Realizing the computer was recording them, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda decided that they would need to take that computer as evidence along with a video camera (regrettably, one lent to our cause by a friend), our cell phone, family photos, passports, drivers' licenses, our 'agenda' notes (baking book business details Camilla kept), private papers, cash and my near new Dewalt drill. The drill and cash did not find their way onto the evidence list but remain as our testimonials. Of course, it is our word against theirs, but that point is moot considering where this issue would be adjudicated.

This evidence proves nothing more than that which we have already told them; that we are not residents and our children do not receive vaccines. The entire process is without cause or merit. Birgitte went to the court as requested to assist in this civil matter requiring consent for an obligation to arise. Thus, anything taken from our house falls under the doctrine of fruit of the poisoned tree.

However, if the police could sign a statement agreeing the house was found open, evidence not listed on the arbitrary and ultra vires search warrant, it is not viewed as fruit of the poisoned tree, but instead an open and abandoned vessel. Any evidence can be fabricated from that point forward to discredit us. Political discredidation can be used as a distraction, covering illegal, unlawful actions engaged in by public servants. The judge on site, assessed what to take, where it is his job to protect FROM police abuse to limit to that which the purported original complaint encompasses. They took our computer because, 'it was left on and in the middle of a Skype call'; cell phone to find out who we spoke with last; camera, perhaps, to find more public servant videos such as Master Norma Fernandez' legal assessment of the flag. Of course, stealing family photos and other private documents included a phone book and, of course, the secret 'agenda' (the baking book for orders).

It is not our religion or belief system, it is the judge's and he pledged an oath to uphold that order from  the God recognized by the sovereign in the constitution of Costa Rica. This situation he now finds himself in has little to do with vaccines, government registration status or education.

This issue is about one thing.

We trusted the court, because the judiciaries are fiducial trustees of the constitution which prevents any law ultra vires of the law of the God of Israel. We understood this as the government trustees and judiciary have in the past not exceeded these limitations in our dealings. Indeed the courts heel vexatious bureaucrats like Dr. Cerdas and his underlings from using coercion and threats to obligate people to the United Nations' agenda. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda broke his oath to God and the people. That is treason against the sovereign of Costa Rica as well as the God of Israel. On September 6, 2011 Birgitte was going to establish that Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda was under such an oath. That is why he had to hide from her. She was about to strip him of his entire ability to aid the affiant, the United Nations which is an enemy of all sovereign people under the God of Israel.

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