12/11/12 Take whatever measures necessary if they attempt to protect their children.

Instinctively knowing that the coast was NOT clear after my wife was dismissed from the court by the clerk, I kept a safe distance with our children. If indeed the judge decided to act capriciously, it would be at this time and with absolutely no sense of his oath to the constitution in his mind.

That was well founded when he phrased the attack (fraudulent search warrant) with "do whatever is necessary to carry out our mission and take what ever measures necessary if the parents defend their children."

We are people of law, but if endangered by people operating out of the color of law and refusing to abide by articles 11, 27 or the rules of civil process, we would indeed defend with our lives if necessary.

That form of defense has never been our forte and we prefer to simply use logic to train our instincts that we may steer around such base, naked power.

However, once the dust of the home invasion settled, we may have lost some valuables and felt completely violated when we returned to our ransacked home, but as a family, we were still intact. When Birgitte had met up with us at a safe house, frightened and shocked beyond belief because now we knew that the trustees of the law are representing an NGO called the United Nations and the judge has openly defiled the constitution and the foundation of all law in Costa Rica.

Aside from a revealing phone conversation with Dr. Cerdas, all of the bureaucrats involved REFUSED to answer any questions or rebut our affidavit or testimonies and refused to present us with charges or a case file. We had no information whatsoever to create any form of a response and no court to respond to. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda had successfully frustrated our ability to even access help from the police who had their orders to monitor our home in case we returned.

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