12/4/12 Hey, look, the door is open...I guess we can go in.

"And because we found the house with the door open, we entered the house." Of course, he refrained from reporting that they did not "FIND" the door open until they had cut the lock and broken through the gate with vigor, stealth, speed and fully armed, frightening my wife into fleeing this obviously LAWLESS invasion. After all, she was just at the court an hour before attempting to assist the remedy of an apparent charge against her when the judge dismissed her because of his inability to establish jurisdiction for the affiant. Evidently, this was a private fit of narcissism WAY out of control. So, as reported, 'they found the door open.' Post hoc ergo propter hoc, 'Hey, they just left the door open' which, of course, then falls within the 'plain sight' rule of anything they believe is criminal can be taken. Of course, breaking in and then saying on a report they "just found the house open" is simply not the whole truth.

Well, let's proceed anyway.

Any children here? Nope, not under here. Not over here either. How about those registration records and cedulas and residency documents they say they don't have? No, not under here. Nope, not under here either. Hey look, here is a receipt for Hospital Cima. PAID CASH. Definitely evidence of abandoned children. 

Only abandoned and neglected children get taken to the private, first class hospital and pay cash.

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