11/29/12 Expediency and Stealth

With ex parte hybrid warrant in hand and the police sufficiently convinced to break in to our private domicile, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, Dr. Cerdas, Patricia Mesen Arroyo, PANI psychologists, along with a bridade of National Police, the excitement and intoxicating rush of the fox hunt begins. The Judge's comments and resolution after he excused my wife from the court were made at 1:00PM. By 1:20 PM he was writing his 'act of break and entry' disguised as a search warrant maxed out to include anything his magic pen requests.

The necessity for expediency and stealth was evident as is was imperative that our ability to respond to this attack freely and publicly had to be eliminated. For if this case file was ever made public, the breaches of protocols, etc., would prove more than embarrassing. This, capture was imperative and with his order to do "whatever was necessary" if we defended our children, would guarantee arrests followed by a maritime salvage of 'abandoned children.'

If judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda was successful with his ambition, we would be absolutely without a voice.

As experience has taught me, I listened to my instinct that told me to remove our children from our house during the time my wife attended the court. My wife called me from the court house after she was told  'the judge would get back to her.'  I remained skeptical, as this entire scenario was inconsistent with law. Thus, we remained out of reach until the court proved intent to act as the trustees of constitutional law they have pledged an oath to.  My wife returned home and shortly thereafter, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda and his brigade broke the lock on our gate and entered our domicile without notice or our consent. My wife, fearing the inconsistency and reality of the intent of a lawless home invasion, fled the scene. She had honored the court's request and with full and complete knowledge of the affiant's lack of a civil or criminal claim, the judge dishonored his fiducial duty as a trustee for the people of Costa Rica and indulged in a fit of narcissistic rage.

We will detail the fruit of the poisonous tree which they stole from our house in the next post, but more importantly, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda FAILED in his assignment to make physical contact with my children in an admiralty civil salvage claim on abandoned children. This action was a critical risk that Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda took in assessing his strategy of how to best serve the interests of the United Nations. He failed in his task which was poorly thought out as, although he was obedient to his masters (United Nations) he was short sighted in areas of self preservation. Nevertheless, he and his cohorts succeeded in achieving the terrorism required to send our family fleeing for safety, security and a new sanctuary.

I cannot imagine what was going through the judge's mind as he left my house with the knowledge that this problem was not sealed off. In strategic word; he missed his mark, leaving his actions and lawless breach of trust potentially exposed. More on the activities of trashing my home and stealing our property coming up next.

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