11/4/12 Judge Claims that the Children are not Being Educated

At this point Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda modifies the original complaint claiming that education is also being withheld from our children. This is not part of the original complaint made by  the Ministry of Health. This is a small enhancement targeted at the people he attempting to deceive with this writ. This writ is only a suggestion because he is not authorized by constitutional law to apply for a search warrant. He can merely authorize a properly established application. He could create a bench warrant, but that would destroy his goal because the police would pick up my wife and return to the court where she was just denied a hearing and dismissed; except this time we would have had police officers, who we know, as witnesses. This would prove not only embarrassing to the judge but establish the requirements for charges of judicial harassment, amongst others.

Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda states in this hybrid warrant he is creating, that our religion precludes the children from receiving health care or education, yet he has NO probable cause for such. We have proven that we have no obligation to the state. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda does not have any probable cause (of our abusing our children due to lack of education or health maintenance) which is a requirement for a search warrant, nor does he state which religious cult we belong to that mandates such evil practices. These are more non sequitors for those receiving this notice as an alleged authorization to engage in a criminal action.

Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda is now not only representing the affiant, who has neither probable cause nor civil nexus, but he is in violation of the search warrant process, as well as article 23. He is working FOR the United Nations, not the sovereign defended by article 2 in the constitution. The United Nations is a civil entity, like Kmart or McDonalds or vaccine manufacturers. They all have their internal codes, statutes and unlimited ability to contract with anyone including governments.

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