10/30/12 Judicial Non Sequitur

Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, in his next statement, says that we cannot use religion to violate law or deny other people their rights.

1) He suggests that we are not complying with the law. 

2) Judge Carlos Sanchez Miranda suggests that we are claiming to use religion in the restrictions of any activity.
3) Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda suggests we are denying some one their rights.

In fact, we are not claiming a religion we are exercising the process of a civil law precept called affirmative defense in matters of jurisdiction. We are complying with the law in accordance with Joshua 24:15, Acts 5:29, Romans 13 and the preamble of the constitution; and we have denied NO ONE their rights, because:

a) Articles 51 and 55 spoken of by PANI as forcible rights are, in fact, entitlement programs which have registry requisites.

b) A right cannot be forced upon someone without consent.
c) The children have been bequeathed to me and my wife and the responsibility of raising our children and source of that authority has been laid out in the preamble. The burden of proof is on the state (or United Nations) to prove the existence of the claim that would obligate the parents to bequeath their children to the state. Ergo, the state, failing to have the requisites of a civil claim, must prove that we have breached a scriptural requirement regarding education or health.

Had we wished, enjoying the benefits of the state, borrowing on our behalf to pay for things we wished to claim as a right, would fall under civil entitlements and the obligation is established by a voluntary creditor/debtor relationship.

Once we voluntarily decide to become personas on that stage, the judge can make many opinions that would appear contrary to the constitution and he is perfectly within his authority to do so as we have given that man the authority by our own hand or mouth.

However, our family does understand that we have no moral right to demand future unborn generations to pay for our liabilities today as Costa Rica pays less than 50% of its budget through taxes. Dr. Cerdas and others keep telling us that their vaccine rituals are free, but they simply obligate other people to pay for the benefit. However, the fact remains that we are charging our 'perceived benefits' to the future generations. Of course, one may also consider the vaccine ritual and whether the God of the Preamble supports this bizarre mixed genetic ritual within his health laws. That is another issue which likely has even deeper incongruencies.

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