11/9/12 Legalese

In his attempt to justify the actions he is about to engage in during the next hour on September 6, 2011, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda creates a classic use of legalese to confuse and muddle the minds of those who are to receive this suggestion of a search warrant. It is a suggestion, because the judge has lost his judicial competency since, according to under article 23 as a prevention of judicial bias, and he cannot team with the affiant as a prevention of judicial bias. Judicial bias is checked by proper procedure and protocol which lapsed an hour earlier when the judge dismissed my wife without allowing her to enter the hearing he called, never without personally determining her relationship with the affiant.

Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda's next claim contains 436 words, 39 commas and 14 separate legal precepts in a single sentence. This incantation is an attempt to confuse the recipient of this notice (the police) into believing that 0x0x0x0= an insurmountable pile of evidence, when in fact, it remains 0. It is a single affidavit and complaint made by a judge who is acting as a plaintiff for the United Nations. That alone precludes his ability to authorize any search warrant, let alone one he manufactures out of narcissistic rage. As such, what is required is police or prosecutor protocols to first apply for a search warrant using this info as the probable cause. It would have to go to a competent judge who again would make the same determination as was made July 26. This is a civil complaint and the evidence of the contract is still pending as a point made by the defendant. Bring the contract, adhesion or otherwise, and we can then proceed with the claim. In fact, each of the non sequitors and false claims we are going to examine  in  Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda's testimony prove they have nothing, but and empty handed they have already begun the process of defending themselves before they lay waste to my family.

We shall examine this masterpiece of legal alchemy made by wordsmith Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda next in the coming posts.

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