1/8/2013 Condemnation Without Investigation is the Highest Form of Ignorance- Albert Einstein

Patricia Mesen Arroyo made her offer to us under the obtuse pretense that she somehow had control over my children. Since possession is 9/10 of the law and a uniform commercial civil claims the 1/10 required to actually have any lawful or legal control over my children, Patricia Mesen Arroyo made an offer in assumpsit. She neither had a claim nor possession. Observing all her errors in law, lying on affidavits, refusing discovery, refusing to talk, rebut affidavits, etc., one can begin to determine that there is something not quite right about Patricia Mesen Arroyo's mental health. In essence, what Patricia Mesen Arroyo was offering us was to cease and desist terrorizing our family IF we submitted to her control. These are the same kind of offers made by gangs in the protection racket. Submit to the gang's control and they won't damage your property or family. There is an elemental legal problem with Patricia Mesen Arroyo's offer; there is no substance to her offer of which we can consider. IE that what she offers, we already have. You see, the children are in our custody and as we produced the children and birthed them at home, my wife and I also possess the 10/10 of the law; the only registration of their births. It is ironic they could not find this in our house, but of course it was located in a Bible. Not likely the judge would have thought of that, seeing he has absolutely no intent to submit to his oath nor the preamble and through a semantic failure does not know what the etymological definition or religion is. Thus, Patricia Mesen Arroyo's offer is no offer at all and is nothing more than the criminal use of threats and coercion. Of course she does not see this because her legal illiteracy has left her bereft of logic and suspended her in a narcissistic control syndrome. She now must protect her persona and her position which now are making her decisions and statements appear completely psychotic due to their lack of grasp on the basic construct of law which most people would call common sense.

Offer: I will let you keep your car if you let me control its use. Only a narcissist or complete idiot could make such an offer. Either way, they have mal intent.

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