1/13/2013 Mocking the Judge's Authority

Upon further discussion in the meeting with PANI attorney, Patricia Mesen Arroyo, and Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, our counsel was able to get critical comments from Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda. The judge told Gustavo that he felt my wife was 'mocking his authority.'

Now that is quite a statement that requires serious scrutiny. First we must define 'mock' in the sense of 'deride.' No where in there does it describe us or the actions of my wife.

On September 6, 2011, Birgitte entered the court in Puriscal, Costa Rica and identified herself as the individual who the Ministry of Health and PANI sought and accosted. She had two witnesses who could confirm she was in the court and the affiant, Dr. Juan Miguel Chacon Cerdas, who desired Birgitte's signature to enter an agreement. If there was a mockery of an actual Costa Rican article 35 court, it was the through the malicious bias engaged in by Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda in attempt to aid the United Nations through PANI. These entities are subcontracted under article 7 and established to write civil rules for citizens, residents and other consensual contractees registered with the Costa Rican government. Instead of honorably greeting 'the woman' who claimed to be Birgitte Poulsen, he simply wrote a statement that she did not show up.

And why were you cowering, unwilling to see an unregistered individual under the capacity of the preamble which you have taken an oath to uphold, Carlos?

The fact that he says she was 'mocking' him admits that she was indeed in the court to answer to any complaint. That he was having his authority checked in regards to a private tribunal vs. a public court of record left him in an outrage because, like Patricia Mesen Arroyo and these other narcissists, they desire to be in control of that which requires our consent. The fact that 99.9% of the population give the consent does not force us to associate. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda made a mockery of the very sanctity of the oath of office he took in order to sit as an officer and fiducial trust of that court.

As the court refused to listen to my wife in the flesh, we were thrust into a state of duress and after the death of our daughter, we had no choice but to associate with a licensed court officer in spite of the fact that he could potentially attorn our status. When this licensed attorney, Gustavo, returned from his reconiassance, the gut wrenching reality was clear to all present; there was no way we could risk exposing our family at our daughter's funeral service we had arranged with our friends and family in Barbacoas. These public servants, autonomous NGO (PANI) and their accomplice, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda were critically unstable due to their pressing need to contain the backlash from this treasonous and lawless action which killed my daughter and destroyed our family. We could not chance any exposure to such desperate individuals.

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