1/3/13 We'll consider allowing the children to leave if...

In our grief stricken panic and fear, we had to somehow retrieve the body of our daughter from the authorities, that we may bring her ashes with us. At the same time, now the pressure was truly accelerated to GET OUT OF COSTA RICA. Simultaneously we could not be seen around town as state authorities were searching for us under false pretenses. Under this extreme duress, we saw no choice but to accept the assistance of a friend who was a lawyer so that we could find a way to get Nikoline's body back in our possession and arrange a service for her. An officer of the court was the only persona the court, PANI, or other public servants were willing to speak with; someone of similar cloth; a player on their jurisdictional board.

Our friend Gustavo suggested he could go speak with Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda and PANI attorney PATRICIA MESEN ARROYO to assess their attitudes, that we may act accordingly. They asked Gustavo where we were hiding and he did not divulge that info. The conversation did reveal (FINALLY) a few words of open dialogue which they had refused us. PANI attorney PATRICIA MESEN ARROYO lamented the fact that she wished that 'the family just leave their geographical jurisdiction.' Being a bully is only fun until someone gets hurt or killed. PATRICIA MESEN ARROYO continued with an absolutely bone chilling comment; "We would CONSIDER allowing the grandmother of the children to take legal charge of the children pending that, A) the grandmother can PROVE that she is not of the SAME RELIGIOUS PERSUASION AS THE CHILDRENS' PARENTS." B) that the children receive their free entitlement vaccines.

This is a statement which is so legally illiterate that it left us speechless with incredulity. We do NOT practice religion of any kind. We are practicing the law which the judge and all of these demented bureaucrats took an oath to uphold. It is not our law we are abiding by; IT IS THEIRS.

These people do not have the intellectual logic to understand their own law, its history and foundation and their adherence via contractual oaths with which the people confer the power the judge wields. This same lack of logic is evidenced by their refusing to speak with us, face us in court, or even provide discovery, which is a requirement of a civil matter.

Ironically, as most people consider empathy born out of emotion, it is in fact, in the highest sense, a sixth sense available to those who can practice solving problems using exceptional logic. It is now easy to see why these people cannot see the obvious crime they are committing because they lack the intellectual logic to understand the source of the power entrusted to them.

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