12/30/12 The Cover Up Is Always More Evil Than the Crime Itself

On September 29, 2011, the day my daughter was swept away by a river and killed, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda submitted the property he stole from our house which he broke and entered using his ex part ultra vires hybrid warrant as evidence to the local fiscalia (public prosecutor). Of course, up until now the public prosecutor had NO INVOLVEMENT in this issue, because it was not public. All matters civil require the affiant to prove the obligation as part of the jurisdictional process. This is a thin plea for help to the District Attorney because it is supposed to be the public prosecutor who presents evidence of crime to the judge, in order to authorize a search warrant, not vice versa. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda is desperate to make this violation of his oath and a multitude of other malfeasances and misprisions appear legitimate since the genocidal destruction of our family, including the death of a member of our family has CAUSATION.

In essence there is acts reus, mens rea and habeas corpus; all the elements of a criminal action carried out by the ultra vires orders of Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda. Now Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda needed to make his actions appear legitimate. The PANI lawyer, Patricia Mesen Arroyo, now implicated in the crime, is NOT a public prosecutor. She is counsel for an NGO. PANI is not a government operation, it is a subcontractor, just like a private prison or a central bank. The fiscalia, understanding the fallout, wisely shied away from involvement in this obvious criminal act and horrific results. When approached on September 29, 2011 by Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda with the evidence in hopes the District Attorney (Fiscalia) would assume the role as public prosecutor so some sort of appearance of protocol was followed. The Fiscalia (DA) had this to say on October 5, 2011:

'We cannot receive this evidence as there is no reason or cause for the evidence to be seized. We cannot seize evidence just for the sake of seizing evidence. The Seizing of evidence must have an aim or purpose. This office is now requested to investigate the possibility of a crime involving breach of a sanitary order, for which this evidence has been seized in order to create a case. For this reason this office of public prosecutor WILL NOT receive this evidence, as it has this authority.'

A public prosecutor or public police officer is a REQUISIT of a search warrant. ONLY they can establish an application for a search warrant. If it were not for this basic check and balance, a judge could legally bully anyone he did not like. As the talk of the town was the circumstances surrounding the death of my daughter, it was definitely time to make at least an appearance that protocol was followed by involving the required public agency to create a legal search warrant. The Fiscalia (DA) wisely stayed out of this manic ultra vires act of terrorism.

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