1/19/2013 Notice to the Court, October 5, 2011

Upon learning of the defensive state of mind the judge and PANI attorney were in, we had no choice but to reformat our goals and simplify them to: retrieving our daughter's body and cremating it, arranging a service in her honor for the benefit of our town friends and finally, getting beyond the reach of these treasonous criminals masquerading as public servants. We needed time to be unmolested, so a notice was drafted and delivered by our counsel, Gustavo. The intent of the letter was not defensive, because this would simply increase the already heightened levels of fear in the minds of the public servants. Instead, a letter was drafted which postulated a submissive posture. (A prime reason why we would never hire a lawyer in constitutional affairs.) Gustavo drafted a notice requesting a future hearing based upon an inferior defense platform that assumed the judge  jurisdictional affirmation.

Our goal to buy time required that we reduce the judge's cognitive dissonance and primitive self preservation reflex. By introducing a failing defense platform in the notice, we were able to increase the judge's self esteem and social validation so that the judge felt he was in control once again. The judge granted a two week suspension of action leading to a hearing. In a world where physical outcomes are predicated upon words, it behooves one to use the same linguistic doping used by the levitical alchemists themselves. The following post will examine that notice to the court.

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