11/5/11 For Nikoline, From Her Mother

My Dear Bub,

My wonderful angel,

You graced us with your presence, you enriched our lives for 13 years, from the day you were born, and now forever in our hearts. You quietly made everybody around you happy, and nobody could help being affected by your lovely spirit.

You filled every spare moment with creativity, be it painting or inventing dialogues between your horses with a multitude of accents and personalities or even designing clothes for your huge flock of toy animals. You loved reading so much and when you'd go missing I'd often find you in bed with a good book.

Your love for your animals was imense. From all the horses and your goats to even the smallest and ugliest little chicken. The uglier the better. When one of your chickens would get eaten, your sorrow was profound and we never did manage to get rid of any of your "favourite" 20 roosters.

You were such a good friend to your sister, Linnea, with whom you shared work and play. I know that she misses you so much, so please provide her strength to go on without you. And help your other siblings and your father and myself become whole again, because losing you has made us feel broken.

My little angel, you were beautiful in every way. Your life was so full and everyone loved you. You brought me so much happiness. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy, and you were. Maybe your days in this dimension with us were not cut short to take you away from us but to keep you with us, forever perfect.

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