10/27/11 Nikoline 1998-2011

The following is the eulogy written for Nikoline, from her father.

On Thursday, September 29, 2011, Nikoline Hill was tragically killed in a horse riding accident. The family was seeking refuge when they were crossing a river which swept away the horse carrying Nikoline.

Nikoline's family moved to Costa Rica in 2000 seeking a safe refuge at that time to raise their family in peace, safety and harmony with their environment. We found that sanctuary here in Barbacoas, Puriscal, where we were met with wonderful friends and neighbors and a safe haven to raise our children in the ways of proper service to God, man and our environment.

Nikoline was 2 years old when we brought her and her two sisters into Barbacoas. Although we were peculiar and different even from other foreigners, the people of Barbacoas and Puriscal adopted us into their hearts and accepted us despite our differences.Our family had found a home in the minds and hearts of our new community. Our family soon fell in love with our new life and people. As our family grew up, we felt safe and secure knowing our friends accepted our differences and protected us from violent minds.

The people of Barbacoas provided an environment where our family thrived and grew. In our new freedom, our ideas and ideals were safe and allowed us to mature into who we are today. In 2000, Nikoline was too young to remember any life before we moved to Barbacoas. Barbacoas became her only home and the people of Barbacoas became her life and family. As we watched Nikoline and her siblings grow up, it was clear to us that choosing Barbacoas as a safe haven to raise our children was a good decision.

Nikoline's smile and happiness encouraged people to see the good in everything. Nikoline grew, learned to speak three languages, ride horses, work and live in harmony with her surrounding people and environment. Nikoline and her sisters, Linnea and Camilla, learned to be productive contributors to their community by providing for themselves through honest, productive work. Our family provided baked products, cakes, cookies and bread. Nikoline and her sisters learned to milk cows, goats, make cheese, raise chickens and look after many animals including their beloved horses which we used instead of owning a car. Their environment established solid work ethics and Nikoline and her siblings became brilliant in the discipline of problem solving, diligence, respect of others as well as understanding the logic and reason behind God's laws.

With her principles firmly rooted in an environment without violence and terror, Nikoline's world was blooming into a garden of Eden. Nikoline excelled in horse back riding and "bare back" jumping with her beloved horses. Nikoline spoke to all her animals and they spoke to her. Nikoline loved her chickens, goats, cats and dogs and they loved her and miss her as much as we do.

In the fresh air of freedom, Nikoline became skilled in the arts of painting, literature and languages. With the help of her professors, Nikoline learned ballet and modern dance.Under the discipline and love of her music professor, Nikoline became a stellar singer in choir and musician.

Nikoline's ability to grow and bloom in this environment free of violence and malice was forming Nikoline into a self sufficiant adult prepared to lead, solve problems and live in the ways of Lawful service.

Nikoline's happiness was never interrupted even when our family was under duress. Her envionment in Barbacoas cultivated a young lady who was full of courage and valor. In days of difficulty, Nikoline provided strength and stability to our family. Her discipline for work and chores was steadfast and never with question or complaint. Nikoline loved to serve people and the health of her environment.

I now wish to thank God for sending us this angel to love us and teach us how to serve Him.

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