7/20/12 Search Warrant Violation #3

Is there reasonable expectation to find evidence of a civil fraud when evidence will be found in THEIR registries, not ours? It is post hoc ergo proper hoc in high gear. In their minds, registration is mandatory. That is frightening and reminiscent of prewar Germany and other totalitarian regimes. Remember, it was not Hitler to fear, it was the malschooled masses following that idol worship.

If we are indeed in violation of a contract involving our children, that contract, adhesion or otherwise, is the prima facie evidence that must be brought forth by the accuser. The defendant cannot prove a negative. That is a process followed world wide in civil processes now broadly known as the Anton Piller civil search. Failing to provide the proper information by affidavit is a serious breach of duty to the court, the people, and a general impersonation of government authority lest that civil contract is proven (PANI is not the government of CR.)

So, searching our house is completely and totally illogical and unfounded when they are the authors and registers of the contract they are searching for. The ID identifies a contract. If this was strictly criminal, the accuser could simply point at my wife and say, "It's her, she's the one who harmed me." No name, ID is necessary. The state ID is the key to any government acting on anyone. These 'authorities' simply cannot believe anyone has the intelligence or courage not to play sand box with them. So they believe we are lying when we tell them the truth that we are not registered.

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