7/18/12 Search Warrant Violation #2

Was there ever evidence that a crime was or would be committed? The public officials see a crime against the state because they BELIEVE the state owns the children, as Dr. Cerdas explains. However, our children do not belong to the state because they are unregistered. We do not want the state to own our children and we do not want to impose future obligations on our children due to that status. Neither do we wish to impose the responsibility of our children onto others. That is a legal status under article 13.3, 75 and the preamble. This status establishes the relationship or lack thereof with PANI and their "special" care for the entitled under articles 51 and 55. Thus, there is no crime. A writ of habeas corpus remedies that. If they make the civil fraud claim, then they must furnish the contract we have violated, because it is impossible for us to prove a negative. If such exists, according to them, they would have the registry of this baptism with their ministry, not us. The fact is, as Israelites we do not practice religion, we practice Law. Thus, the last two paragraphs of our very first acknowledgement of their grievance of May 16. Remember, it does not matter what I believe, it matters what they agreed to do as servants of the people. I did not write these documents. These documents were established decades ago and these officials swore to abide by them. They either obey them, or not.

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