12/21/12 Forced to Find Safety

Observing the malicious prosecution at the judicial level, we had become people under persecution for adhering to laws that judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda swore to the people of Costa Rica he would protect. The actions and reprehensible cowardice of the judge caused heart stopping fear and plunged us into abject incredulity.  Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda compromised the system of law and made it impossible for us to seek a lawful remedy. We had no official venue that could offer remedy which would not compromise our standing since we could not risk showing ourselves in persona propria in any office of justice. The use of an attorney was impossible and would have established jurisdiction by our voluntarily declaring ourselves incompetent and in need of a state licensed court officer. An attorney simply is there to bring the lost sheep back inside the king's fence.

Having correct instinct to recognize they would likely shut off exits out of the country, we had many things to consider. We had to protect our children, stay invisible, somehow manage our animals, try to keep communication open and formulate a defense, still with no case file. So we found ourselves seeking refuge deep in the jungle area where there were no prying eyes and we would have time to make a strategy. Although our friends treated us kindly, it was clear to all of us that we were not out of danger and given time, we would be found. We needed to seek out other places to retreat to in the event that this lawless troupe, under the design of Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez, Miranda, made another silent raid.

In this environment of absolute terror, we were unable to use the sanctuary of our home. We were prevented from working in order to sustain ourselves. Our property and chattels were in danger, animals in peril, and all the time we worried about these psychopsomatic ministerial cult zealots who have taken oaths to the law we were following, and they do not EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS LAW. Within the preamble and constitution, these psychotic public servants would require our consent through registration to remove our children. This is why it is a civil matter. It is found in Roman Civil Law as a Uniform commercial code, were a claim is the civil requirement if the prosecution (or in this case, the judge) cannot prove any violation of God's Law. Of course, one may first question the violation of judicial competency in that the judge has taken over from PANI as the prosecutor. It is not his job as an article 35 judge to actually aid one side or the other.

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