12/17/12 Don't Let Them Escape

Failure to complete the mission of getting control of our children during the invasion of our home on September 6, 2011, I can imagine a certain level of concern may have started to creep into the minds of Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda and PANI attorney Patricia Mesen Arroyo. After all, there is the possibility we could get our hands on their case file which they had refused to give to us. At this stage, we are quite unquantifiable in terms of our skills, and resources. This blatant malfeasance, judicial misconduct, abuse of process and genocidal persecution of my unusual family prevented us from following the very first law ever written and protected by oath sworn by Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda. Subsequently, the pressure was on to contain this anomaly before the truth seeped out. As such, contact was made to the Danish Consulate asking if the consul knew of any other domiciles for our family. This was followed by an even more draconian measure to make sure we did not get away: notification to the ministry of migration to notify the court of any activity at the border in a matter involving PANI. Quite evidently, they do not want to lose control. They also know that if we get out, and can get a copy of the case file, they are in a seriously compromised position as they would lose their ability to continue to use coercion and intimidation to force us to associate with an attorney which would award them with the jurisdictional requirement they needed.

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