11/22/12 Judge's Final Bluff Ace Cards

As Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda has nothing of any civil substance to offer in his civil complaint, he must play his final heavy weight cards. He claims to the recipient of this application, that Birgitte did not attend to the judges call to the court on September 6, 2011. He is actually claiming this to the police that she did not attend to the call of the judge. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda is telling the police that Birgitte Poulsen did not show up to court which allows the judge to issue a bench warrant, not issue a cart blanche, ex parte, search warrant including child confiscation ambitions. He also claims that we have not established our condition in the country. Of course, the police would not have any knowledge that, indeed, we entered a very full and detailed report about our status in the country directly to the court prior to September 6, 2011. So now we are dealing in fabrications on top of the fabrications. That we have ignored their requests to respond with vaccine information is completely false as per all of the affidavits, refusing to make contact with Birgitte until she made a motion of intent to diminish her rights via captious diminutio maxima.

In fact, it is they who in every instance ignored us and refused to respond even to the judge refusing to see Birgitte as she awaited him in the flesh with her accusers and those threatening her family in the same room. What is wrong with this picture? They were not threatening a state artificial persona called BIRGITTE POULSEN,  an entity of their creation. They were threatening Birgitte Poulsen in the flesh and that is who was standing before them prepared to establish a show cause hearing. Finally, after all the ignorant harassment, threats, coercion and insolent behavior of state servants claiming they need not speak with us, why can they not engage with her in front of her witnesses in a proper article 35 court of law? The reason is simple, because she would win, and they know it. If the judge was to emerge and my wife established her standing with him as a witness, his capacity to sustain a private tribunal would be decapitated. That's why he hid from her.

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