11/18/12 Separation of Children from Parents

Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda continues his diatribe against his own governing document that he has pledged an oath to uphold in quoting a section of the opinions made by the interamerican court suggesting that the family does not have the arbitrary right to put their children in danger or risk. This entire document, if not taken out of context, is a dissertation on the separation of children from their parents and is useful in understanding the intent of the judge when he describes the objective and mission of PANI.

One must read the entirety of the document to see the objectives found on page 4 where the 5 points (a-e) regarding the separation, and the LIMITATION of children's liberty in order to enforce the rights (entitlements). Judge Oliver Jackman, (scroll down to page 89 to read in English) presiding on this issue, has dissenting views. Important to note through all of this is that these are judicial opinions and are only subject to those who have subjected themselves voluntarily through registration. If no obligation can be proven via the law of obligations, then the opinion remains opinion and cannot be used on individual's standing under law in a civil process. It is unusual to find somebody with no registration and no evidence of a civil vinculum whereby the judge COULD extend a quasi contract in order to enforce an obligation. We have gone to great extent and inconvenience to live in a manner that neither offends the entity the judge pledges allegiance to in the preamble as well as maintaining no vinculum to any civil obligations that would offend the government.

The only lawful choice available to the judge is to uphold his oath fiducial obligation to the sovereign and send this matter back to the Ministry of Health for lack of sufficient cause due to lack of vinculum (law of obligations). However, the judge has decided to ignore that oath and take sides with the United Nations. Now, to succeed in his quest to fulfill the mission of PANI, he must divide and conquer my family in order to quell our ability to respond freely. That will require force and lacking justification, some judicial fabrication and hypnotic alchemy is required in order to cast a spell over the police. "Words are the most powerful drugs used by mankind."- Rudyard Kipling

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