4/8/13 Felonia implicatur in qualibet proditione, Felony is implied in every treason.

With the logistical hang up in case file 11-400185-0197-FA, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda now had the necessity to create a criminal charge against my wife of parental abuse resulting in the death of a child. It was imperative that he play this card to hide his own genocidal overtones. Even if the group/family is obscure and small, we are a group with completely different convictions to that of the masses which is what the United Nations protocol on genocide was intended to protect. In fact, that was a prime impetus sold to the nations at large to create submission and consent in the creation of a supra national governing body called the United Nations in 1948.

So, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda is in violation of United Nation laws, Costa Rica laws regarding administrative procedure, the constitutional preamble as well as multiple articles, as well as the Law of God which is embedded into the constitution as the primary reason for law to exist in the first place.  With ALL eyes on Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, a new cover up must be established in a criminal charge of abuse of parental authority, case file 11-000756-278-PE.

This is Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda's attempt to divert the truth of his terrorist activity away from himself and use his closed door courts to preserve himself at the expense of my grieving wife. What kind of a man is this? He is a United Nations man. Self serving and cowardly. He uses my broken hearted wife to further shield himself from his terrorism that lead to the death of my daughter. The case file is presented here and now that there is an official criminal complaint, the evidence stolen from our house is fruit of the poisoned tree. The evidence was obtained prior to any charge, civil or criminal, the state lacked any jurisdiction, thus all of Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda's actions were of his own accord without state sanction via correct procedure. We were sent into abject exile with the knowledge our last vestige of protection (the law and courts) were corrupted by personal vengeance and desire to control the sovereign. If YOU, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda had not raided our house, my daughter would still be with us.

The interesting thing to note is that this new criminal charge was filed Monday, October 4, 2011 before any hearings or meetings with Gustavo occurred. You needed to protect yourself as soon as you learned of my daughter's death. Pointing fingers at my wife behind closed doors does not work anymore, Carlos. Having been denied ANY opportunity to resolve this matter within an unbias court, I utilize this thing called the Internet so that a public record is, at last, established. Of course, you can still attempt to wield the remnants of your naked power by directing guns at us. However, you lost the war on September 6, 2011 and now your cover up is worse than the crimes you committed on that day, September 6, 2011. You should have done your homework, Carlos, but it would appear that your bravado mixed with your narcissistic vanity clouded your judgement. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda actually told Gustavo he felt Birgitte was 'mocking' him on September 6 because he had no actual power to adjudicate as there was no crime and no civil vinculum to address. However, if he felt she was mocking him, one thing is certain: she had presented herself to the court right? You did not think that through, did you Carlos?

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