4/19/2013 Who is the plaintiff in this criminal charge?

Here is a valid question, who is the plaintiff in this criminal charge? In the case file 11-000756-278-PE, there is a criminal charge of parental abuse against my wife. However, observe who the plaintiff is. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda is using my deceased daughter as the plaintiff. However, he mixes the idea that she is registered and has the status of a state minor under the control of Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, yet she is not a state minor and that is a cestui que trust that was never established, because we never voluntarily registered. The state cannot force us to register for their limited liability schemes and entitlements. The state cannot make such a charge against my wife as neither the state, nor state property, nor property or lives entrusted to the state were damaged. Thus, the only modality possible to create the diversion from the true guilt born of Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda's actions, is to use my deceased daughter as the plaintiff. Even then,  a true criminal action of neglect or violence against another individual would have to be established, as per the preamble. Protecting our children by hiding them from state authorities gone rogue is no crime. It is our duty to protect our children from psychopsomatic state religious zealots just as any persecuted group fleeing the insanity of naked power.  Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda is using my deceased daughter and in order to charge my wife with parental abuse as if my daughter was actually making the accusation. However, as usual, there are procedural flaws. For example, now that there is finally a prosecutor (Jose Gomez) involved, why is he not presenting the charges to the judge? Inventing a criminal action by resurrecting my sweet Nikonline does solve the jurisdictional failures which existed in the civil action. However, it is not the duty of the judge to draft the charges and build the case and present it to himself, behind closed doors. A judge is to take the seat of justice and examine the arguments from the prosecutor AND the defense and make an unbiased ruling based upon LAW. Thus, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda has tried to protect himself by using our daughter to present a criminal tort and charges against my wife. How sweet is that of a man who has taken an oath to be the fiduciary to the law? He is using our deceased child to protect himself.

It is ok, Nikoline my baby, I will protect you and your beloved mother.

Well, Carlos, you left your judicial immunity behind on September 6, 2011 when you, with full intent, LIED to the police in order to raid our house and collect meaningless 'evidence' which was DENIED by the prosecutor and instructed to be disposed of. However, you kept that evidence, which was simply stolen property, which you were told to dispose of, and managed to resubmit it in support of a fraudulent criminal charge. You are no longer a judge, but a man who impersonated a judicial officer in order to engage in an act of vengeance to those who you had no power over. Your narcissistic rage led to the rape of administrative procedure as a fiduciary of the law and constitution. You lost your immunity as soon as you LIED to the police. You are just another terrorist who usurped the power of the collective sovereign for personal satisfaction. Thus 16 (2) of the criminal code will not protect you. Your crimes are publicly observed.

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