3/15/2013 October 25 Hearing

PANI and the Ministry of Health were prepared to 'take whatever measure necessary' on October 25, 2011. Interesting to note that Gustavo was named as "non participatory" and PANI attorney Patricia Mesen Arroyo would represent my children. How nice. Of course, we did not appear to that hearing as their intentions of recognizing the jurisdictional failures were not going to matter to Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda. Gustavo informed the judge that we were delayed by bad weather, which we absolved him of with another letter to the court. As such, the judge delayed the hearing until the following day.

In his minutes he does mention the basic premise of the hearing that Ministry of Health has asked PANI to intervene in order to force us to present documents of vaccination and formal education that do not exist followed by the non sequitor that if the documents of our children do not exist, we are forced to obligate our children to pay homage to the state.

Director of health services adds that the purpose of the vaccines is to protect the community as a whole and protect the country from diseases such as meningitis and pneumonia amongst others.

Those are lofty ideals, but irrelevant in the matter of Law, Se├▒ora Valverde, because A)The country is an entity that cannot get sick from these things and B) Everyone in your herd who wants your solutions can voluntarily get it FOR FREE, (along with state schooling.) That is why your lofty ideals are OBLIGATORY, not compulsory or mandatory, isn't that correct, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda? Any obligation is set off by a voluntary action by a civil contract. Of course this kind of talk was previously ignored. Thus, they will impose their private will on us, because none of these civil codes or statutes are law until we consent to them because that would violate multiple ares of the constitution including the preamble.

The entire process is in assumpsit. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda's real contempt for the LAW was revealed on September 6, 2011. There was no way we would go near these law breaking criminals.

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