3/10/2013 If Lives Are at Risk, Why Hesitate?

With the court's intentions on hand that the purpose of the court hearing on the 25 of October, 2011 in Puriscal, Costa Rica was to expose our children to the state when in fact no discovery of a crime or civil breach was yet produced. Judge, Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, had for all intents and purposes taken over as representative of the affiant, the United Nations (PANI). We expected to see a continuation of this breach of jurisprudence and the purpose of our request for the hearing was to simply buy time. The case was fabricated, and the summary judgement was already made. All the judge needed was for us to succumb to their intimidating tactics, sacrifice our children and submit to their fraudulent authority for a measure of relief of their terrorism practices.

What is interesting is that despite the fact that everyone in the town knew where we were, the Judge did not act with the same fervor as he had when he raided our house on September 6, 2011. The local political backlash, if they had conducted a manhunt at our daughter's funeral or safe house, would have been horrific for the local authorities. Unfortunately for them, that is exactly what would have been required IF INDEED we were culpable of endangering the lives of our children. SO IF WE WERE A THREAT to our children, then why, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, did you not prioritize a campaign to find us? If your charge against my wife is accurate, then your lack of action in locating and rescue 'endangered children' is a delict, as you would be negligent of your duty. Both YOU, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, and I know the answer. The answer is clear. You did not have the bravado to carry out your mission because, in your heart, you knew the truth and knew the entire town and fellow judiciary would eventually learn of your breach of your fiducial duty. If indeed your claims are true and we are a danger (to the point of death by parental neglect) then you FAILED to protect YOUR ALLEGED STATE registered children. Instead, you allowed an opportunity for us to escape hoping the truth would not surface. Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda, this tactical error eliminates your ability to maneuver, back or forward, because in your rear is the state and the United Nations whose laws you have violated. In the front is me, and the laws I represent. As well, you never had the ability to maneuver side to side because you neither had civil nor criminal jurisdiction because PANI could not present the claim which would establish that jurisdiction. The simple reality is that you had no ability to opine on this matter because you did not have the authority to sit and opine on a matter where the affiant could neither produce a civil claim nor a criminal act. As you trashed the law and administrative procedure you have destroyed my family. You are in a very fragile position.

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