2/9/2013 Final Points 16-17

The final points of law drawn to conclude our document issued to the court in Puriscal, Costa Rica on October 5, 2011 included that (16) we were confronted in 2002, 2005 and 2008 with the same issues involving control of our children and we were able to bring forth similar foundational positions that satisfied the health officials. In point 17 we reference our understanding that article 51 is an entitlement, not a right, and that entitlement is predicated on our choosing to exercise that available entitlement under article 2 and 75, amongst others.
This concluded our letter to the judge.

Satisfied that he had us in his control, Judge Carlos Manuel Sanchez Miranda granted a future hearing for October 25, 2011 which gave us time to regroup, collect our daughter's remains, organize a service in her honor for our friends and escape the reach of these criminals masquerading as public servants.

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